Cooperation with Ericsson

Globalny zasięgSwedish company Ericsson has been in business for a long time, and more specifically since 1876. That company providing services for the telecommunications industry was established back then in Sweden. Currently, the company operates in 175 countries, and its work annually generates considerable profits. The first panel of Ericsson in Poland was established in 1904. We, as a company providing training in the field of telecommunications, work closely with Ericsson. It is worth mentioning, that Ericsson is one of the most respected companies among other representatives of the telecommunications industry, mainly because of the huge modernity they implements to their products and business systems.


Since 1996, when our cooperation with Ericsson has begun, we have delivered thousands of training days for Ericsson Training Centres. Thanks to them, our clients can meet all interesting issues, which surely will improve their daily work. We have all necessary competencies to deliver those courses, which undoubtedly is Leliwa's advantage. Please note that mentioned courses can be ordered only by official Ericsson Training Centres.