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Telecom consulting - Leliwa

Our consultants are highly educated people, perfectly prepared for their tasks. Not only do they have extensive theoretical knowledge, but also interpersonal skills and excellent results in the transfer of knowledge to students, which is invaluable in this field. They are knowledgeable about everything related to the telecommunications industry, and their job is to pass this knowledge to you in the most beneficial way.

Our main objective is to strive to increase your sales and other tangible financial benefits to the company, to climb the ladder of business success. It is not an easy task, and we as Leliwa are keenly aware of this. In order to appear on the international telecommunications market, your knowledge of the industry must be at the highest level. As the industry is constantly developing, improving and giving more and newer opportunities, our courses are being constantly updated and optimized to meet your needs.


We offer telecommunications consulting - an extremely important and effective tool that we use in the pursuit of our most significant goals. Your success is our top priority and we know how to achieve it. Professional training is the key to the door that leads to an increase of income, which consequently may lead to your take off on the international market.

In our actions we strive to ensure that our clients are presented with solutions from the telecommunications industry which are not only much cheaper but also offer more opportunities than those previously used. We analyse offers, compare prices, we try to advise our clients how to improve the existing business solutions in a non-invasive manner and without additional costs.

What is the definition of telecommunications consulting?

Consulting in general is employing the services of consultants from a specific field, on the basis of an agreement concluded between the consultant and the company. The goal of the work of a telecommunication consultant is to implement best business solutions on the market in the company for which he works, which in the future will result in better profits. Our consultants are objective, analyse aspects of the telecommunications industry from various perspectives, they are profit-oriented, and at the same time they act as a support, someone to whom you can turn in any situation. The role of the consultant is particularly important when solving all sorts of problems related to the telecommunications industry.

Working together will help us to adjust our offers to your needs and the needs of the constantly changing market.