Course participants

Who are our students?

In Leliwa each participant is treated individually, in compliance with all their expectations. Individuals who take part in our training sessions are professionals engaged in telecommunications, i.e. employees of various telecommunications companies in their sectors. Our topmost goal is to reach the largest group of participants with our modern solutions and advice. Our participants’ objective, on the other hand, is to put into practice all the knowledge which they will acquire during our training.

Our consultants’ knowledge will be taught in the most appropriate manner, raising no reservations, so they will be easily able to reach out with innovative solutions to the largest group of users of telecommunications networks and, consequently, help people around the world to communicate using the latest technologies.

The evaluation provided by our training participants, expressed on the evaluation sheet after the completion of the course, is very important to us. It allows us not only to appreciate the effectiveness of our actions, but it also contains important hints, thanks to which we may constantly modify and improve our training offer. We are particularly interested in opinions on the contents of what you hear during the course, as well as on the training as a whole. Thanks to your feedback, we have the opportunity to take further steps towards greater flexibility of our courses to make them even more attractive and valuable.

Your opinion matters!