The origins of our company:

Leliwa company has a long tradition in training. We began work in 1996 with the cooperation with the Giants in telecommunications services. Back then we already suspected that in the future telecommunications training would be so popular, and that the technology would go forward very fast. Along the development of telecommunication technology also Leliwa was changing. Initially, we were engaged in providing skilled consultants to Training Centres, which were located in different parts of the world.

Like any new business, Leliwa did not immediately become an expert in the field of training. We started as a small company, which then grew to an almost worldwide scale, creating solutions for which there are no language or time barriers! Developing, creating new jobs and new markets for our services, we have never forgotten about the most important thing ...

...telecommunications brings people together!

That's right - the telecommunications industry did not come to existence in order to let tycoons get richer and richer, or for us to have someone to train. It arose as a response to the needs of the market, which wished to communicate with others not only in person. When the development of civilization pushed forward, something better, more efficient and faster was necessary than a messenger on a horseback, who after many hours of gruelling drive delivered a hand-written letter to the addressee. This process was time-consuming and not very safe, so new and more advanced communication solutions were coming into being. Those new ideas enabled to shorten the distance, the duration of communication, to increase the chances of reaching the destination.

That is how the first telegram came into being, and how first phones were invented later on. Currently, telecommunications is at a very high level, but still we make every effort to make the most of it. The purpose of telecommunications companies is to allow people all over the world to realize their plans, regardless of place and time, because place and time can be easily deceived by telecommunications networks. Real-time conversations on the Internet, despite thousands of kilometres separating the interlocutors, are no longer anything new, and still there are works in progress on improving this method.

We also try to make some contribution to the development of civilization by providing high-quality training and qualified consultants to places where they are needed.

Currently we supply over 1000 course days over a year, we conduct training courses in cities around the world, in compliance with the latest standards.

Due to the intense efforts of Leliwa employees, many representatives of telecommunications companies have acquired the necessary knowledge and experience. We are proud of the performance of our company and the number of skilled workers due to our efforts. But we won't stop on these results, we'll strive on, in compliance with the old maxim:

... higher, stronger, further!