General Information

Don't be afraid to reach out for new challenges!

The only way to appear and stand out on the highly competitive market of telecommunication is to offer fully professional high quality services to all customers. Only by aiming high will you be able to achieve success you have dreamed about.

Technology is constantly progressing with one milestone after another. In order to keep up with it and be able to provide telecommunication services at the highest level, you need to be familiar with the opportunities which this industry gives on the current basis. To this end it is necessary to provide your staff with specialist training, which may be the only way to achieve higher efficiency and better performance.

What do we offer?

Our telecommunication specialists will present to you all the knowledge in the field of Telecommunications, GSM, GPRS, WCDMA, HSPA, LTE/EPS, IMS/RCS and other areas that they have. All this so that you could have the broadest knowledge possible as knowledge is the best weapon to beat the competition most easily.


Standard training courses offered by Leliwa

We arrange courses convenient for our customers. We are able to organize a course in a neutral place, place defined by the customer, as well as in his headquarters.

We make sure that every person leaving our training has the knowledge that may in the future help them succeed, and consequently provide better performance throughout your company. The competence of our staff, high quality of the prepared courses and full comfort when benefitting from our services will guarantee not only adequate knowledge in a specific field, but also satisfaction with the time spent on training.

Do not ask if you need it - just try it!

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