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What is science?
"Science is an autonomous part of human culture aiming at explaining the world we live in." Basing the strategies of our company on science and on the learning process resulting from it, we proceed to answering the question: HOW?

And also here we are specialists, because we try to pass our knowledge in the manner allowing the learning process to be as effective as possible. We have selected the best of the best for you: that is our staff! Our team of true personalities can not only acquire knowledge, but also pass it in the most pleasant way possible. We teach and succeed, and thus let others succeed - without much effort and struggle.

Every day we make every effort to increase our company's success. Because while putting maximum effort into what can be improved, we take care not only of the success of our company. As the profile of Leliwa is based on training others, our efforts help maximize your success pool thanks to condensed, professional knowledge about telecommunications. Your success is at the same time our professional success. This in turn allows us to be more valuable people, more self-confident, convinced of our own abilities.

In any business, there is probably nothing more affecting its prestige than a team of well trained employees, perfectly prepared for their work, who love what they do and are ready to take on any challenge. These are the people who raise the bar very high, and who take small but dynamic steps to reach it. They are entrusted the most difficult tasks and expected to find rational solutions.