Training Materials

Our customers know what they pay for!

While offering courses in the field of your choice, we want our customers to apprehend exactly what type of training materials are prepared for them. Cooperation with our company is also expressed in the fact that you can read samples of books we have prepared for you. They are available below, just click on any of the thumbnails.

  • Policy and Charging Control (PCC) Technology

    Policy and Charging Control (PCC) Technology
    Sample of 2nd chapter "Architecture Evolution" from Leliwa's training book "Policy and Charging Control (PCC) Technology".
  • LTE/IMS Basics

    LTE/IMS Basics
    Chapter no.2 from "LTE/IMS Basics" textbook.
  • VoLTE Basics

    VoLTE Basics
    Chapter no.5 from "VoLTE Basics" textbook.
  • LTE/EPS Technology

    LTE/EPS Technology
    Chapter no.5 from "LTE/EPS Technology" textbook.
  • Signalling in E-UTRAN/LTE

    Signalling in E-UTRAN/LTE
    Chapter no.15 from "Signalling in E-UTRAN/LTE" textbook. Reffering to basic issues about X2 interface.
  • Signalling in EPC/LTE

    Signalling in EPC/LTE
    Chapter no.12 from "Signalling in EPC/LTE" textbook.
  • LTE Advanced E-UTRAN R10/R11

    LTE Advanced E-UTRAN R10/R11
    Chapter no.4 from "E-UTRAN R10/LTE-Advanced Delta" textbook.
  • IMS/RCS Technology

    IMS/RCS Technology
    Chapter no.5 from "IMS/RCS Technology" textbook.
  • GSM/UMTS/LTE Basics

    GSM/UMTS/LTE Basics
    Chapter no.1 from "GSM/UMTS/LTE Basic" textbook.
  • RCS-e/joyn Basics

    RCS-e/joyn Basics
    Chapter no.7 from "RCS-e/joyn Basics" textbook.