Delivered training locations

Leliwa reaches everywhere!

Leliwa has a lot experience in organizing training at various locations around the world. You can assign our courses wherever you need our knowledge and experience in consulting, telecommunications. We present for your consideration this map, pins mark the cities in which we conducted courses.

Our company has arrived, along with our capabilities and knowledge resources, to dozens of countries around the world. Leliwa is known in almost every corner of the world - not only in Europe but also in Africa, Asia, Australia and both Americas. In many countries we have our partners, we also are working with major telecommunications companies serving specific area. Among those companies, most supports several telecommunications businesses and services, which is why we can confidently say, that our courses contributed to the enormous progress in the telecommunications industry around the world. There is a high probability, that all the phones and computers which you use have much in common with us, even if you have not been aware of this.

Our instructors have visited over 100 countries all over the world. We will pin all of them. Currently you see only small part of pins. Marking is in progress...