Our services

In the field of telecommunications we specialize in: 

  • Generic Technical Training, which covers modern telecommunications, especially GSM, GPRS, UMTS, Radio Network Planning, Signalling, LTE/EPS, IMS/RCS.
  • Technical Training based on Ericsson solutions and applications - our professionally trained instructors provide high quality training for Ericsson and Ericsson's customers world-wide.
  • Cell Planning - we provide both technical support and consultancy in coverage, capacity and quality oriented GSM and GPRS cell planning also using Ericsson's cell planning tool - TEMS Cell Planner.
  • Radio Network Optimisation - thanks to our deep knowledge of the GSM standard, Ericsson's exchanges and collected experiences of several operators we offer support and consultancy in tuning of the radio network based on Ericsson's BSCs.
  • Telecommunication Seminars - we deliver almost any kind of seminar concerning Mobile Telecommunication Concepts and Ideas (including 3rd generation of mobile systems) and also Telecom in general.
  • Telecommunication Consultancy - we can supply professional consultants and expertise in any field of Telecom, especially where Ericsson-made equipment is in operation.
  • Technical Support for Telecom Companies - our experienced employees work as Support Staff for Telecommunication Networks operators. We can supply professionals for both short and long term contracts.