Online Training

Telecom training courses on your own desktop and mobile device

We are all aware of problems that were caused by the pandemic in 2020. It has paralyzed economies around the world and the long-term consequences are difficult to determine. Our offer has not changed at that time. We have changed the methodology of providing training though. Imposed restrictions as well as common sense safety rules, have made practically imposible to organize, conduct or participate in stationary training (traditional formula) in the Q2/Q3.2020 perspective.

We offer to our clients purchasing of remote training (online formula). The most important facts are:

  • We can provide online training of every single course from our standard offer.
  • We can adapt training objectives and agenda to customer needs.
  • We also give the possibility of short-term consultations.

We use secure online communication tools (Webex Meetings, MS Teams, Hangout Meet and others). Of course, we can adapt to customer requirements or use his infrastructure if necessary.

Three specific variants of the online training service

  • Variant 1-FD (one full day) - consolidated training day. This is the most similar option to a stationary day. One training day is a full 7-hour online meeting on the agreed date. We also include short breaks and one longer lunch break.
  • Variant 2-HD (two half days) - deployed over two training days. We divide the standard training day into two sessions. We agree two separate dates suitable for the client, running 3-hour blocks within. There are two short breaks during each. Especially recommended for clients who want their employees (training participants) to spend no more than half a business day on training. 
  • Variant 3-CH (consultancy hours) - hourly consultations. Recommended option for individual participants interested in discussing and explaining specific technical aspects of our coursess, which do not require devoting all training time, and can be presented at a short online meeting.

Of course, when the duration of the training is longer than one training day, we extend the duration of individual variants accordingly.

Economically advantageous offer

Please contact us to find out the details of individual variants prices. The cost of online training are lower than in traditional formula. Choosing the 2-HD variant, where we spread the training over more days in shorter blocks, our clients can count on an additional discount.

Hope to hear from you soon!