New Training: "LTE Advanced E-UTRAN R10/R11/R12"

New Training: "LTE Advanced E-UTRAN R10/R11/R12"

29th of December 2015, 13:43

New training course - "LTE Advanced E-UTRAN R10/R11/R12" has been designed by Leliwa and is now available in our offer.

LTE Advanced E-UTRAN R10/R11/R12 course focuses on differences between E-UTRAN R8/R9 and E UTRAN R10/R11/R12 also known as LTE-Advanced. The training covers a functional description of all major enhancements added in specifications release R10/R11/R12 together with the required signalling protocols modifications. It focuses on services like Carrier aggregation, MIMO solutions, eNB relay, eICIC,  CoMP, EPDCCH, DCI & UCI, 3GPP/WiFi radio interworking, Device to Device communication, Small Cell enhancements, Low Cost Machine Type communication and many other.

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