GSM Cell Planning

The course discusses in details GSM radio network dimensioning. It focuses on coverage predictions, traffic estimations, frequency planning, outdoor and in-building planning as well as describes the basic radio network parameters and procedures. Since 3G and LTE networks expand worldwide, the inter-working mechanisms between the GSM and these technologies are comprehensively explained.

Target audience

The course is intended for those, who already know the GSM network and wish to learn the principles of cellular networks planning. This is particularly intended for engineers who work with planning and optimization of radio network.

Training contents

  • GSM network structure
  • Introduction to Cell Planning
  • Logical and physical Channels
  • Antennas and another equipment
  • Radio transmission
    (problems and solutions to those problems),
  • Radio wave propagation
  • Coverage calculation
    (algorithms of radio signal propagation in different environments),
  • System balance
  • Capacity
    (traffic dimensioning).
  • Frequency and BSIC planning
  • Study case 1 - Outdoor Network Planning
  • Indoor (In-building) Cell Planning
  • Study case 2 - Indoor Network Planning
  • Outline of Radio Network Features
  • GSM-WCDMA and GSM-LTE mobility


The participants should have attended the "GSM Technology" course or should have the equivalent knowledge on GSM.

Training method

Lectures and theoretical exercises.


3 days