NFC Basics

For nearly three decades wireless, non-contact technology applying electromagnetic field has been applied to articles identification and data transfer. This technology is known as Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). Due to its simple architecture, RFID has been widely employed in many areas (animal identification, biometric passport, electronic payment etc.). In the meantime, the extensive penetration of smartphones into the market, gave rise to a new set of standards adapting such contactless data transfer for mobile devices. These standards specified a new technology – Near Field Communication (NFC).

The “NFC Basics” course presents in a concise form the architecture, functionality and security of NFC system. Furthermore, the projects implementing this technology are presented (payment by cell phones, e-ticket etc.).

Target audience

The course is intended for anyone who needs an introduction to NFC system at the basic level. The detailed description of technical solutions is not included in the course.

Training contents

  • Introduction
    • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) evolution towards the NFC technology
    • NFC standardization bodies (NFC Forum, ISO, GSMA, 3GPP),
  • NFC Technology
    • Principles of data exchange through Near Field Communication (tag/card, reader),
    • Modes of operation (active, passive),
    • Communication modes (read/write, peer-to-peer, NFC card emulation),
    • Architecture of mobile devices (smartphones) supporting NFC
    • Radio transmission (frequency, bandwidth, throughput, coding and modulation methods),
  • Protocols and signalling procedures
    • Connection setup
    • Protocol stack for NFC communication modes
      • read/write (NFC Data Exchange Format - NDEF)
      • peer-to-peer (Logical Link Control Protocol - LLCP)
      • NFC card emulation
  • Security
    • Forms of possible attacks
    • Security procedures
  • Implementations
    • Payment
    • E-tickets (public transport, sport events, cinema)
    • Loyalty cards
    • ID cards
    • NFC Smart Poster
    • NFC City


There are no prerequisites for attendance.

Training method

Lectures with multimedia presentation.


1 day



This is a draft version of “NFC Basics” course description. The final version will be published when the course is introduced to the training offer.