Press office

Our company is constantly evolving. We still take on new challenges, not only in area of telecommunications solutions, but also, and perhaps most importantly, in action that we undertake. We continue to develop our skills, educate ourselves, take part in various promotional and educational campaigns.

We try to create atmosphere at our office that would be satisfactory and fulfilling. Hence, often we leave the initiative of various events or campaigns to our employees. Their work should be both educational and promotional. Talking about education, we mean primarily to acquire further awards, distinctions, but also new long-term customers. We have worked long on our market position and stature in the industry, and we are very willing to present you our achievements.

If you are interested in latest materials and information on the activities of Leliwa LLC, our market position, please contact us using the contact form or contact directly Mr. Miroslaw Korus at the following email address:

We hope that your interest in this subject will give us extra motivation to take further action.