RCS5/joyn Basics

Since the first operators are already running RCS-e services, it is time to prepare for the next step in RCS evolution - RCS 5. RCS-e has not introduced any new revolutionary services, all RCS-e's services were available much earlier from Over-The-Top (OTT) providers. The role of the RCS-e, was rather to create basis architecture and interworking procedures, that could be used to keep those services under control of a large number of independent cellular operators. RCS 5 is required to take full advantage of the IMS based system, introduced by the operator due to the launch of RCS-e and/or VoLTE services. At the same time the variety and quality of the RCS 5 services will allow mobile operators RCS5 reach significant advantage over OTT providers. The course explains RCS 5 services, underpaying IMS architecture and basic procedures and their impact on existing operator infrastructure.

Target audience

The course is intended for those who want to extend their knowledge about mobile network with basic aspects of RCS 5 services, functionality and architecture. The detailed description of technical solutions is not included in the course.

Training contents

  • Introduction
    (standardisation: IETF, 3GPP, OMA, GSMA, joyn - a common trade/service mark, RCS 5 versus OTT solutions),
  • RCS services
    (RCS-e and RCS 5 mandatory and optional services),
  • IMS overview
    (basic architecture components, addressing and routing principles, number portability, international roaming, traffic cases, IPX, security),
  • Services (functional description & technical overview)
    • Capability discovery, Address Book and Presence Service
    • Messaging (OMA CPM, OMA SIMPLE IM, SMS, MMS, 1-to-1 chat, 1-to-many chat, file transfer)
    • Content Sharing (Image and Video Share)
    • IP Call (Voice Call, Video Call, Supplementary Services, SR-VCC, interworking with CS telephony)
    • Geolocation Services (Geolocation Push, Geolocation Pull)
  • Multi device environment
  • Auto-configuration and auto provisioning
  • Integration with VoLTE


The participants should be familiar with basic aspects of mobile network architecture and services.

Training method



1 day