According to some legacy, USIM pre R8 is sufficient both for LTE as well as VoLTE/RCS IMS based services and investment in LTE/IMS aware USIM/ISIM R8+ is not going to pay off. Others argue that the new USIM/ISIM R8+ is a key to exploiting the full potential of possible LTE services. During the development of the “LTE USIM/ISIM (delta)” training  none of these conclusions were taken for granted. Thus, the training gives a detailed comparison of possible network deployments, procedures and services with and without the support of new LTE USIM/ISIM R8+ features. The main objective is to pass on to our participants knowledge necessary to undertake rational decision regarding support of new LTE USIM/ISIM features on UICC cards and to indicate the topics to be discussed with other network departments to avoid conflicts with operators mid- or long-term strategic plans.

Target audience

The training is intended for UICC/(S)SIM engineers, who want to extend their knowledge with issues regarding new LTE/IMS related USIM/ISIM features available from R8.

Training contents

  • LTE/EPS Introduction
    (architecture, interfaces, geographical network structure, identities, MME in pool, bearer services, ISR, CSFB & SMSoSGs),
  • LTE/EPS Location Information
    (EMM and ECM and RRC states, EMM parameter storage in ME and/or USIM),
  • LTE/EPS Security
    (user identity confidentiality, entity authentication, EPS key hierarchy, ciphering & integrity protection, EPS key identification, key handling in handover, key-change-on-the-fly, periodic local authentication, interworking with GERAN/UTRAN, security context storage and security functions on ME and/or USIM),
  • PLMN Selection
    (TA/LA & PLMN lists on USIM and/or ME, selection process, EFs related to PLMN selection and NAS configuration),
  • IMS Introduction
    (architecture, addressing, SMS, international roaming, ISIM EFs),
  • IMS Security
    (IMS authentication, SIP confidentiality and integrity, SIP Digest, SIP Digest with TLS, GPRS-IMS-Bundled Authentication - GIBA, Generic Authentication Architecture - GAA, Generic Bootstrapping Architecture - GBA, Support for Subscriber Certificates - SSC, mandatory and optional security mechanisms for VoLTE, RCSe and RCS5, support for IMS security mechanism on USIM/ISIM/ME),
  • USAT & OTA
    (new and enhanced USAT and OTA R8+ features),
  • Other USIM/ISIM R8+ features
    (overview of non LTE/IMS related USIM/ISIM R8+ features),
  • Optional topics
    (upon request the training can be customized to cover topics related to UICC support of: I-WLAN, EAP, 3GPP/3GPP2 interworking, femtocell HNB/HeNB).


The participants should have experience of (U)SIM pre-R8 and security aspects of GSM/UMTS network.

Training method



1 day