Signalling in SIP/Diameter

“SIP and Diameter Signalling” course focuses on signalling in EPC network. During the course core interfaces and signalling protocols with procedures and parameters are presented in details.

Target audience

The course is intended for experienced network engineers, network tuning staff, EPC protocol stack developers, and anyone with network experience, who needs deep technical knowledge on functionality of EPC.

Training contents

  • Introduction
    (EPS/LTE network structure, identity numbers, interfaces and protocol stacks, SIP, Diameter, geographical network structure, EPS bearers and QoS, MME in pool),
  • Signalling procedures
    (SIP & SDP, SIP signalling bearer establishment, media bearer establishment, IMS discovery, registration, subscriber profile, initial filter criteria, mobile-to-mobile call, mobile-to-PSTN call, multi-device environment and SIP forking),
  • Security
    (IMS authentication, SIP confidentiality and integrity, SIP Digest, SIP Digest with TLS, GPRS-IMS-Bundled Authentication - GIBA, Generic Authentication Architecture - GAA),
  • Traffic Cases
    (EMM, ECM and RRC states, attach procedure, TA update, UE/network triggered service request, S1 release procedure, dedicated bearer activation, UE requested bearer resource allocation, handover, intersystem handover, Idle mode Signalling Reduction – ISR, CS FallBack – CSFB, SMSoSGs, SMS in MME),
  • Diameter base protocol
    (Diameter system basic components, transaction and session, Diameter agents, addressing and identification, routing, Diameter peers, message processing, error handling),
  • Diameter based MME interfaces
    (S6a interface procedures: location management, subscriber data handling, authentication, fault recovery, notification procedures, S13 interface procedures: IMEI check, EPC – IMS/VoLTE/RCS interworking - T-ADS procedure).


Knowledge of LTE technology with EPC/LTE signalling.

Training method



1 day